Hanoi Forum 2018 Closing Ceremony

On November 10 the international conference Hanoi Forum 2018 came to its closing. The forum gathered nearly 400 delegates including leaders and former national leaders, politicians, managers of international development organizations, scholars and scientists from all over the world to come and discuss various issues related to climate change and sustainable development.

Hanoi Forum 2018 Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hoang Hai, VNU Vice President, and joined by Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Panel on Climate Change, Prof. Vu Minh Giang, Chairman of VNU Council for Science and Training, Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic development studies, and Prof. Yong Hak Kim, President of Yonsei University to deliver closing speeches.

The Hanoi Forum 2018 has five panel discussions namely: (1) climate change evidence and security, (2) human impacts on climate change, (3) climate change response, (4) policy and governance of climate change response and sustainability, and (5) science, technology and education for climate change response and sustainability; and two policy dialogues: (1) sustainable development of Mekong delta responding to climate change and (2) building resilient, safe and sustainable cities in Red river delta (Hanoi city, Vinh Yen city , Hai Phong city).

Many of the presentations showed significant impacts that human beings have made on climate change, while others examined the status quo of the issue and pointed out climate change was happening faster, fiercer and more dangerous than we had expected.

One highlighted point was that we often separate adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts, but in reality these two aspects must always be aligned. If we now could reduce our negative impacts on the climate, we will reduce the adaptation pressure to the created consequences.

Presentation at the panel session

The participants also emphasized the role of solidarity, the determination of global action in the fight against climate change; initiatives from all countries regardless of their development levels are encouraged and valuable. There is an urgent need for comprehensive multi-sectoral cooperation in addressing climate change issues. Synergies of different stakeholders: governments, international organizations, universities, businesses, and individual is a critical condition to shorten our journey to the goal of sustainable development.

In recognition of important roles of higher education institutions, many delegates suggested a network of science, technology and education, in which key participants, top universities from various countries, would work together to act against climate change, be established.

Director Hong Son of Hanoi Institute for Socio-economic Development Studies highly regarded the scientific contribution of discussions at Hanoi Forum 2018, particularly the policy dialogue on cities development in the Red river Delta. Son showed his interests in the lessons learnt from England and Southeast Asian cities on strategic economic development master plans in harmonization with environmental protection.

President Kim of Yonsei University acknowledged VNU’s important and timely initiative in bringing climate change to the discussion table, and emphasized that universities must act more aggressively, and act together. “We do not have plan B, because there’s no planet B”, said President Kim.

In his conclusion note, Vice President Hoang Hai re-emphasized the importance of achieving a harmonious society and addressing climate change challenges centered on the values of humanity and prosperity for all, and Vietnam National University, Hanoi is honored to carry on this conversation at a global level.

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