HANOI, Vietnam - On July 2nd, the Signing Ceremony of and the first Preparatory Meeting for Hanoi Forum 2018, co-hosted by Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and Korea Foundation for Studies (KFAS) was organized at Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The Organizing Committee, Academic Committee, the Secretariat, panel session chairs and representatives, as well as the responsible colleagues of relevant departments of VNU attended the meeting.

President Nguyen Kim Son (right) and President Park In-kook (left) signed and exchanged the Agreement on establishing and implementing Hanoi Forum 2018

President Nguyen Kim Son of VNU delivered a warm welcome speech to the KFAS delegates led by President Park In-kook. President Kim Son praised the long-term cooperation between KFAS and VNU, evidenced by KFAS’s generous support for the Asia Research Centre of VNU and now the jointed efforts of the two parties in organizing Hanoi Forum, an international forum exchange for sustainable development.  

Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, Director of Cooperation and Development Department of VNU, presented to the KFAS delegates progresses on preparation for the forum, followed by presentations by Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan, a co-chair of Academic Committee, and representatives of each panel session. They deliberated on the rationale behind their selection of topics, foci, and the big questions they expect to explore in each panel.

Photo by: Tung VU

President Park In-kook reviewed and spoke highly of the significant progress in preparatory work. He hoped that Hanoi Forum could pioneer a number of initiatives in tackling climate change in a smarter and more efficient manner, and contribute to the concerted efforts in bringing the coordination of addressing the issue to a higher level globally. He also zoomed out from the 2018 theme of climate change to re-connect with the umbrella topic of Hanoi Forum, sustainable development, and stressed the importance of understanding about aid effectiveness.  

Hanoi Forum is an international exchange forum, jointly hosted by Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS). The general theme of Hanoi Forum is “Towards Sustainable Development”. Hanoi Forum aims at promoting the goal of inclusive and sustainable development for all. It encourages interdisciplinary research that push our knowledge limits in understanding socio-economic growth and conservation, interactions between human and environment, prosperity and equality.

For its inaugural event in 2018, the Goal 13 about Climate Action is chosen to discuss, hence  and the theme is “Towards Sustainable Development: Climate Change Response for Sustainability and Security “. Hanoi Forum 2018 is scheduled for November 8-10, 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The forum includes five panel sessions: “Climate Change Evidence and Security”, “Human Impacts on Climate Change”, “Climate Change Response”, “Policy and Governance of Climate Change Response, and “Science, Technology and Education for Climate Change Response”, and two roundtable/side events about policies for sustainable development in the Mekong Delta and Red River Delta.


Hanoi Forum Secretariat